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Welcome to Teyzao

"Teyzao va cene Jura vi"

About Me

My Bio

I’ve always been passionate about creating worlds and weaving a story told to me by characters. It sounds a little crazy - I know. However, until late 2018, I hadn't seriously written anything. So I took the the time to sit down and write. Words instantly flowed and began these fantastical worlds that I see in my head. So now, I've devoted myself to writing. I have a lot of passion for the arts in general, but this is different. This is something I can truly see pursuing.

Other Planned Books

Obviously, aside from Teyzao, there are many stories floating around my head. If you'd like to stay informed, sign-up for my newsletter!

"Teyzao va cene Jura Vi"

Naos Pilgrimage Greeting

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